Real people growing real food, locally. 


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and what that means is that everyone who purchases a share becomes a member of the farm. Our members support the farm, they become our friends, and they share in all that we grow.

A piece of this farm is yours when you become a member; you share in the bounty of what grows well, you harvest all of the herbs and flowers you would like, and you give us encouragement to cope with whatever Mother Nature decides to bring us.

How Bubbaloo Farm CSA works:

Our shares are sold as small or large shares, both sizes come to pick up every week during the season, a large share is twice as many vegetables as a small. Your vegetables are all harvested and ready for you to pack up and take home. There is no work requirement at our farm. Pick Up times are Fridays from 5-7 pm or Saturdays 9-11 am and you come right to the farm which is located at 6904 Egan Rd, Honeoye Falls. You can come to either pick up time that is convenient for you, you do not need to commit to one time. When you arrive you park in the grass along the driveway and come to the small barn that is right next to the driveway. In the barn you will get a bin with your vegetables in it and you will also find any vegetables that are extra that you may add to your share, there are scissors to use to cut herbs and flowers, and you can purchase any beef, pork or chicken(also grown on farm) that you would like to. The cutting gardens (full of herbs and flowers that are included with your share) and a fun play yard for the kids are right across from the Pick Up Barn. While you are here you can also visit the animals! We have horses, miniature donkeys, sheep, chickens, cattle, pigs, and turkeys.

CSA Pick Up are a fun time! Kids are playing, people are chatting, sometimes there are campfires, sometimes music, sometimes special events (like a 3K-ish Farm Fun Run), sometimes donkeys are wandering the yard. You never know!


Things You Need To Know:

  • We never use pesticides.

  • Most of our fertilizer is made on site in giant compost piles.

  • Being a member is a lot of fun!

  • Our animals are raised as naturally as possible and we never give our animals medications unless absolutely necessary.

  • You are always welcome to bring friends or family with you to the farm. The more the merrier!


Important Other Information:

Vacations: If you are going away you have a few options, we can arrange for you to pick up your share on Tuesday at the Lima Farmer’s Market, you can send friends or family for your share or you can let us know and we will redistribute your share to other members.

Safety: To keep all humans and farm animals safe children must be under your supervision at all times.