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Spring Prep

Spring prep has started! Dave is building new crates for hauling vegetables out of the garden and, more exciting, I picked up my bee hives today!!!

A big pile of bee keeping stuff!

A big pile of bee keeping stuff!

Much assembly required on these hives! I just have to put the outer boxes together, the part you see when you look at a hive. They will need to be primed and painted too, to help them stand up to the elements.   The frames are the inner parts of the hives, where the bees build comb and lay eggs, raise larvae, and store honey. I chose plastic frames for their ease of use and durability. The plastic frames are one solid piece so I saved a bunch of assembly work there. 

The plastic frames for inside the hives, primed with a thin layer of wax.  

The plastic frames for inside the hives, primed with a thin layer of wax.  

I got some tools, feeders, smoker, suit, gloves and hat also. Of course I had to try the hat on as soon as I unpacked it! 

Terrible, but amusing, selfie.

Terrible, but amusing, selfie.

Do selfies ever come out looking good? This one, taken in the basement is pretty bad, but I am posting it for your amusement anyway. ;)

The last two days we worked on the greenhouse a bit since the weather was a little more mild. We ended up with temperatures warm enough to bring us a quarter inch of ice instead of just snow. Then last night the temperature dipped again and we got almost two inches of fresh snow. I am beginning to worry that the snow piles will still be here in June at this rate! The weatherman does have two days in the 40s on the calendar for next week, we just have to hold on until we get that taste of spring. Those little tiny warm ups make all the difference in the mental states of the Bubbaloo Farm residents, the human residents at least. ;)

Posted on March 5, 2015 .

2015 Seed Order

The seed order was placed this morning! I can feel spring coming...well, as long as I don't actually look or go outside. It is snowing gently today with temps in the teens. We are not expected to get any of the Nor Easter that is headed up the coast though, much to the children's disappointment. They were hoping for snow days and sledding. They may still get the sledding part by next weekend.

What did we order you want to know? 

Everything I think! We spent hours and hours with the catalogs and then Dave and I spent more hours going over it all together and comparing choices. We will have beets, radishes and turnips for spring root vegetables. A few different varieties of lettuce this year, some of which are supposed to be very heat tolerant so that we can lettuce for more of the summer. For spring and fall greens, we will also have spinach, kale and Swiss chard. There will be peas if the weather is less horrible this spring than it was last year. Green, yellow and purple beans are always a favorite so they will be back. Lots of tomatoes, including a couple of new varieties, and both hot and sweet peppers; salsa anyone? We ordered eggplants, cabbages, onions, leeks, scallions, carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, cucumbers, zucchinis, summer squashes, broccoli, potatoes, brussel sprouts, and winter squashes. For pumpkins we picked out a jack-o-lantern type, mini ones, and a mix of gourds. For herbs we ordered oregano, dill, basil, parsley, sage and thyme to go with our perennial mint and chives. I picked out a bunch of flower seeds too! That covers most of it but I am sure I missed something. 

Three things that are brand new to us for this year are napa cabbage (aka Chinese cabbage), bok choi and ground cherries. I am very excited to see how they come out! Especially the ground cherries because I have never had them before, have you? They are related to tomatoes and are very sweet the catalog says. 

This week we will also be ordering our bee keeping supplies. I am really looking forward to having bees! The class I took was excellent! It was from Hungry Bear Farms and I highly recommend it if you are interested in starting a hive. 

We may currently be shivering but we can see spring far in the distance!

Posted on January 26, 2015 .