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Spring Break!

What do our kids do to celebrate Spring Break?

Smell that fresh spring air!

Smell that fresh spring air!

They helped clean out the run-in shed in the horse pasture. They love to get in there and scoop manure. I gladly let them do my share whenever I can get away with it. ;) 

We took full advantage of the last couple days of nice weather. We got tons done outside and the kids ran and ran. It has been great after such a hard winter. 

Have to have a silly face picture too.

Have to have a silly face picture too.

The hens are laying lots of eggs, the garlic is coming up, seeds are sprouting in the greenhouse, the mud is drying out, the horses and donkeys are starting to shed their thick winter coats, the first of the spinach and swiss chard have been planted, and the kids are digging and running and being loud without getting in trouble. Spring is finally here!!!

Posted on April 15, 2014 .

A List

I went to college in a hospitality program. Sure I took some culinary related classes and I even joined the Woodsmen's team (if you don't know what that is, think competitive lumber-jacking). However, I never imagined I would end up homesteading, living on a farm full of children and animals!

Don't get me wrong, I am loving all of these new experiences. Learning how to do more and more for ourselves is very empowering and an amazing way to raise our kids. I have never worked so hard and felt happy about it before. 

As amazing as it can be, it can be really horrible sometimes too (freezing and high wind weather, mud, manure manure manure, etc.) I wanted to share a list of things I never thought I would do.  So here goes:

Unexpected Happenings In My Life

  • Learning to hot water bath can
  • Learning to pressure can
  • Owning farm animals
  • Liking cats (our 3 barn cats are pretty awesome. They are all very sweet and good hunters.)
  • Confidently butcher chickens (after doing 20 this past weekend, I am feeling very confident in that skill just now)
  • Knowing exactly where the meat on my plate came from and being, not just comfortable, but happy with that
  • Making huge pots of things like stock (and then pressure canning it)
  • Loving coffee so much
  • Dealing with food allergies
  • Learning so much about the chemistry of cooking
  • Driving a tractor
  • Driving a minivan for that matter ;)
  • Being married to a man who knows how to do so much (I always knew I would marry an amazing guy, I had no inkling of how amazing)
  • Learning to sew and loving it
  • Learning to spin wool
  • Learning to use power tools
  • Being able to start a fire almost easily
  • Having three amazing children
  • Learning to be so brave and try so many new things
  • Baking All. The. Time.
  • Loving a dog 
  • Loving donkeys
  • Making egg nog from scratch
  • Finding so many great friends
  • Living off the grid
  • Becoming a farmer
  • Being a member of PTA
  • Owning two enameled roasting pans and using them often
  • Greeting just born animals to our farm
  • Dealing with animal illnesses, injuries and sometimes deaths
  • Learning to put food up for winter

That is all I can think of for now. Maybe in a year I will write another list, something new happens everyday around here...

Posted on January 13, 2014 .