BIG news for 2016 CSA!

I know it is hard to think of already but CSA shares for 2016 are going on sale today! Buying your share now helps us plan for next year and guarantees you a spot come spring. Part of our 2016 plan includes growing our CSA program and you all play a big part in that! Which brings me to the new big news...

Big News #1: Shares for 2016 can be purchased now and there is an early signing bonus to be had! From today until November 1st both sizes of shares are on sale at a 10% discount. No coupon code needed, just head over to The Farm Shop to take advantage of this offer.

Big News #2: The even bigger news is our new referral program; The Bubbaloo Farm Referral Program. We want to thank you for helping our farm to grow! On our CSA order page customers will now find a spot to include the name of a person who referred them to us. For each half share sold with your name listed you will receive a $25 credit and $50 for every full share!!! Your credit can be used to purchase meat or eggs or, for our vegetarian and vegan members, as a refund on the price of your share. We really appreciate all of you who are spreading the word and helping us grow. Thank you! Spread the word, talk us up and earn yourself some hamburgers! ;)

The referral program is for returning and new members! Share this blog post, links to our shop and website, and our Facebook page and let your friends and family know to list you when they place their order.


Posted on September 17, 2015 .