Dark Long Nights

You can be beaten by the dark or you can embrace the long cold nights.  I for one have tried to make use of the crazy thoughts that float around when a bit of cabin fever seeps in.  

A few power tools, a page or two of graph paper, a little ingenuity, and a lot of secrecy so no one is the wiser if it all fails, and my shop has given birth to my next bright idea?



Having two main problems,  the transportation of veggies to the barn, and the horses getting lazier and lazier, seemed to give me only one solution.   Our new one horsepower (or ponypowered) wagon.   So far proven to withstand the weight of two dogs, and the pulling power of one Dave going down hill.

All of the wood for this wagon has been harvested In Lima, most from a lightning damaged white pine.  The frame, singletree, and shafts are from Locust trees removed from a house last summer.  Other than holding the axles on, the entire wagon is assembled without any nails or screws.  Everything is pegged with wood and glued.   

The real problem now as with most homemade products is the uncertainty whether it is actually going to work??  That, and the whole learn how to drive a wagon, and train a horse to pull it.  But I don't need to worry about that for another couple weeks so all is good.

Happy winter everyone,  I think I am going to enjoy the -2 degree sunshine and snowshoe outback to check the fences.


Posted on February 20, 2015 .