The Heart of Winter

It is the middle of winter and we have a pile of seed catalogs and sketches of the garden all around the house. The cars are getting tune ups, snow-pants and mittens are hung up to dry, there are sewing projects to get ahead on; in other words, a to-do list as long as the summer list, but very different. 

Winter is never easy, nor is it ever routine here. The ever changing weather makes even the animal feeding chores different everyday. It is amazing how a drift of snow can make you completely forgot where the edge of the drainage ditch is until you fall into for the third time. Every winter. 

We have had some real challenges the last two weeks. Luckily we are just off of a wonderful and relaxing Christmas vacation, so we were rested up when the difficulties hit. We got through- are still working through really, but things are turning a corner I think. Tomorrow I am going to a Bee Keeping 101 class. I think an apiary will be a great addition to our farm. Plus I like to say the word apiary. 

We will be finalizing our planting list for the upcoming season in the next week or so. That is always exciting! We will also be planning out our meat chicken schedule for the next year. We will get our first batch of chicks scheduled to arrive as soon as the weather turns more mild. In December we added a boar, and will hopefully have our first piglets born sometime in April. 

There is lots to look forward to this time of year! 

Posted on January 16, 2015 .