Last year we learned to can and this year I have gone crazy with it. I love seeing the jars all lined up on our shelves!

I found two new great reference sites: Simply Canning and the National Center for Home Preservation. Both of these sites have excellent instructions on canning and great recipes to follow. They are my go-to references!

When I am looking for new recipes to can I first go to Punk Domestics  and then Food In Jars. After that I do a search on Pinterest and lose hours of time. :)

  Here is a list of what we have canned so far this year, with links to the recipes:

14 quarts applesauce

18 pints sweet corn

30 quarts diced tomatoes

18 pints green beans

7 quarts dilly beans

4 pints pickled roasted red peppers

6 pints pickled hot peppers

10 pints pickled onions

10 pints corn salsa

7 quarts apple pie filling

10 quarts roasted tomato soup   

6 quarts tomato puree (I referenced these directions for the canning.)

11 pints apple mincemeat (*update, just finished this recipe, it only made 7 and a half pints. I           must have cooked mine down more than she did.)

Plus (not canned stuff):

5 gallon bags of beans frozen

3 gallon bags of sweet corn frozen

2 pint bags of peas frozen

8-10 cups shredded zucchini and summer squash frozen

1 half gallon refrigerator dill pickles (Freddy keeps telling me how proud he is of me because these taste "just like the store kind 

1 pint easy peasy refrigerator pickles (These are my new favorite pickle!)

2 pints red onion chutney

15 or so pounds of apples dehydrated

1 pint apple cider molasses (This is SO easy to make!)

2 pints roasted cherry tomatoes (I combined a few different recipes for this. I mixed cleaned cherry tomatoes with olive oil, garlic, balsamic vinegar and thyme and roasted them at 300 in the oven for a few hours, stirring about every half hour. Once they cooled I put them in canning jars, topped with a little olive oil and froze them.)


I plan to do some more green beans. Probably refrigerator dilly beans because I am running out of energy for lifting the heavy canners. ;) The garden is still going so there may be more to can, I will have to go with what Mother Nature and time give me.

 Leave your canning questions in the comments and I will answer them or at least point you in a reliable direction.

Posted on September 29, 2014 .