Crossroads festival.

What a fantastic day for Bubbaloo Farm on Saturday for Crossroads Festival!!  Anna had her first craft show for Homegrown Designs by Bubbaloo Farm and did an amazingly fantastic job.  By the end of the day there were kids all over in wonderful capes and crowns.  A huge thank you to all that supported our farm and business this weekend.  Having the greatest friends makes almost anything achievable!!  Our kids dealt with all of the craziness like it was nothing.  There was really only one picture that seemed to sum up the whole day perfectly.


The poor little made made it through with all of the excitement, no nap, crazy food, and spending the day with me, right until the end and finally faded out with a pretzel in his hand, mid chew.

Off to new things this week, heavy equipment, hauling dirt, and an estimate for a great tree job that seems to keep getting larger.  More info on all of that to come, but for tonight it is time to tuck the kids in and put all 60 odd animals to bed. 



Posted on August 4, 2013 .