2013 Membership Shares

The shop is now open! Shares for the 2013 season of our CSA our now available. Since this is our inaugural year, these shares are an exceptionally good value. A full share is $400, which works out to be approximately $25 per week. A big pile of just picked vegetables for only $25/week, sounds great to me! :)

The 2013 Planting list:

 Cabbage (2 varieties)             Tomatoes (4 varieties)                Cucumbers (2 varieties)

 Sweet Peppers (2 varieties)   Hot Peppers (3 varieties)           Spinach

 Chard                                     Lettuce (a blend of varieties)     Broccoli (2 varieties)

 Cauliflower                             Zucchini (2 varieties)                 Green Beans 

 Peas (2 varieties)                    Carrots (2 varieties)                   Cantaloupe                                    

 Honeydew Melon                   Watermelon                              Onions (2 varieties)

 Scallions                                 Winter Squash (2 varieties)       Pumpkins (2 varieties)

Eggplant                                 Sunflowers                               Lavender

 Basil                                       Oregano                                   Thyme

 Dill                                         Cilantro

I am hoping to share great recipes to highlight what ever happens to be most abundant each week. Especially for my favorite: zucchini! What are your favorite vegetables? 

Posted on May 10, 2013 .