Simple things in life.

It is a proud day today on Bubbaloo Farm today.  We have a new addition to bring some of the traditional flavors that are so lacking from the fast paced food of today.  The pigs did not like to see the completed installation of our new home built smoker.  After a trial run to test for temperature and smoke distribution, we have gotten about 40lbs of hams and pork bellies into the fridge to thaw so we can start the curing process.   


A long bath in a brine, cured in the smoke,  I am going to be one happy boy.  As long as all goes well,  another 60 or so pounds to be done afterwards, and five more pigs to be butchered an another couple weeks.  If anyone is interested we have 2 pigs left to be sold and are making up our minds if we should get December pigs.  We have received our application from the USDA to become certified as an exempt slaughter and processing facility so with a little luck we will have complete control over the best tasting, healthiest meat in western NewYork!!  Here's to enjoying the simple things in life.

Dave Kirkwood


Posted on December 3, 2013 .