2018 Planting List

We are planting all of your normal summer veggies and some things that are a bit different!

 We have a bunch of kinds of lettuces, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, micro greens, collard greens, poc choi, Napa cabbage, a couple kinds of regular cabbage ( including a purple this year!), peas, beans(green, purple and yellow, plus dried beans), broccoli raab, zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers(sweet and hot), eggplants, potatoes, garlic, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, turnips, carrots, radishes, popcorn, husk cherries, Brussels sprouts, winter squashes (butternut, acorn, spaghetti, a couple of heirlooms and pumpkins), honeydew melons. We are doing an experimental crop of celery, okra, and artichoke (not sure if they will grow but the catalog said it’s a new variety for Northern growers). There are lots of varieties of flowers and for herbs we have chives, mint, oregano, basil, dill, sage, cilantro, thyme, and parsley.  

I may have forgotten something but that is most of it! 

Posted on May 9, 2018 .

6th Annual Open House

Our 6th Annual Open House will be here before you know it and hopefully it will warm up into spring by then!

Open House is going to be held on Saturday, April 28th from 1-4pm. The big news for the day is the drawing we will be having! We will be drawing for a prize package of 10lbs of our Grass Fed Beef!!!! The drawing is free to enter, one entry per person, must be present at 3:00pm to win.

Posted on April 5, 2018 .

2018 Shares are Now Available

Shares are now available for 2018!!!

Not only can you buy now, but you should because there is a very special bonus for fall sign ups! If you purchase your 2018 share before November 1, 2017 you will receive a 2018 wall calendar full of pictures of the farm and it will include coupons good for special offers at the soon to be opened Bubbaloo Handmade Etsy shop and for farm goods, like meat and eggs, next spring!

Buying your share now helps us purchase our seed and other supplies over the winter when we need them to get started for spring. It also helps us pay to heat the greenhouse come February and March.

We have two new exciting additions for the 2018 season.

First, I am pleased to announce, is our members only Kids Club. There will be membership cards and monthly activities and/or crafts. Second, we are going to start monthly celebrations with Fourth Fridays. On the Fourth Friday of every month we are going to have fun events that will be free to members. We are hoping to have music, food and drinks. If you have any ideas to add please let us know!

Buy your share now!

Posted on September 28, 2017 .

2017 Meat Pricing

Grass Fed Beef

Ground Beef $5/lb

Top Choice steaks and roasts (NY Strip, Ribeye, T-bone, Porterhouse, Sirloin Tip Roast)    $10/lb

Steaks and Roasts (Sirloin Steaks, Sirloin Roasts, Pot Roasts (chuck roasts),)           $7/lb

Cube Steaks$5/lb

Short Ribs   $5/lb

Naturally Raised Pork

Ham Steaks      $6/lb

Sausages           $7/lb

Steaks                 $5/lb

Chops and Spareribs    $5/lb

Free Range Chicken

Whole chicken    $2.50/lb



Posted on June 9, 2017 .

Bubbaloo University

Our Heritage homestead is proudly offering its summer series to expand people's life checklist.  The second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 o'clock we will be offering the opportunity to try something different.  Not classes exactly, but more the cliff notes to inspire the desire to seek further education whether here or elsewhere.  Covering topics such as wood splitting and chainsaws, metalworking, and a whole host of activities in the hopes of spreading a love of working with your hands and appreciating what they can create.

Having taught interior firefighting and auto extrication for more than half of my 17 years in the Lima Vol Fire Dept.  I have come to love sharing and instructing in the skills I have experienced in life.  Being the type of person who views a day off as an opportunity to try something new has led to a life long adventure, especially for my wife who has graciously put up with me!  Once you manage to put your fear of failure on the back burner, it is amazing how fun trying can be. 

Classes will be about 2 hours long with limited class sizes to afford maximum hands on time for all participants.  Classes will be $25 per participant unless otherwise noted, and may be purchased through our online store at Bubbaloo Farm.  Our first two classes will be free of charge to get a feel of how the experience will be run.  So come feel the hum of a chainsaw, experience the swing of an axe, and leave with a little appreciation of what you can do with a little encouragement.

Dave Kirkwood

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" -Walsch-

Posted on May 16, 2017 .

5 years!

This year we are celebrating our 5th year and we are throwing our best Open House party yet!

Meet our animals, learn about our CSA, join the farm by buying a share, see demonstrations, hear live music, shop at the Bubbaloo Handmade Pop-Up Shop, and join us for our first ever pig roast!

The Open House runs from 1-4pm, and the pig roast starts serving at 2 and goes until 4 or until the food runs out. Pig Roast is $15/plate [$10 for CSA members] and includes pork from one of our pigs, side dishes and a drink, with all the food prepared by Steele Sausage and Catering.

We can't wait to see everyone and celebrate spring!

Posted on April 20, 2017 .

Spring 2017

Spring is here and things are starting to move fast. We have our first batch of chicks in the brooder and they are starting to grow feathers already which means they are almost ready to go outside. Our first calves of the year were born this past week, twins again this year but so far they are starting out much healthier than last years twins did. Dave is bottle feeding both of them and the kids are happy to help with that job. We have the greenhouse up and running and we are watching the gardens carfeully so we can start peas earlier this year. 

Yesterday we were a part of the first annual CSA Fair in Rochester. It was a really great event and we got to meet tons of people! Shares are starting to sell faster and faster so don't miss your chance to join, buy a share now! 

Posted on April 2, 2017 .

1st Annual Farm Fun Run

Craziness happened and fun was had at our very first Farm Fun Run!

Posted on September 9, 2016 .

2016 Meat Pricing

Bubbaloo Farm Meat Price List

As of 6/20/16, prices subject to change.



Ground beef    $5/lb

Top Choice steaks and roasts (NY Strip, Ribeye, Sirloin Tip Roast)    $10/lb

Steaks and Roasts (Sirloin Steaks, Eye of Round Roasts)           $7/lb



Ham Steaks      $6/lb

Sausages           $7/lb

Roasts and Steaks   $5/lb

Chops and Ribs    $5/lb

Whole Ham    $4/lb



Whole chicken    $2.50/lb

Posted on July 1, 2016 .


I realize that I have not put out a blog post in many many months, so I thought what better to inspire me to get back into it than a little crazy weather.  Since last Wednesday I have taken some pictures to be able to put together a post showing how the farm transitions through the changing weather.    I must apologize as the post goes on that due to my hiatus from the blog page, and an update done in my absence, I no longer know how it works so please bear with me.  I have spent many hours trying to resize an image for a post and am on the verge of throwing the computer through a window (not that I have a temper).  With that said Lets see where the week started.

Wednesday the 10th

Wednesday the 10th

Wednesday started with a flurry of activity.  Knowing at least that there was a cold snap coming over the weekend, there was plenty of time to prepare to ease the stress of the cold.  Hay bales moved and stacked for horses, Round bales moved and unwrapped for the cows, and fresh bedding and winterizing for the pigs.  Most everyone that knows me knows that I love weather extremes.  I am that person that would love to go vacation in the desert, and camp in the winter.  So I was looking forward to the upcoming challenge.  Thursday and Friday the temperature dropped.

Animals and all were happy.  The mud was freezing up,  and a little snow on the ground made everything look crisp and new.  The temperature kept falling.  I have to admit that last year with all the bitter cold I grew very tired of the cold, but I was excited for a weekend cold snap to see how far it would go.

Saturday we hit the Negative numbers.  At this point I found out that the engine heater that I installed in the tractor was to weak to keep up with the cold.  So part of the routine became tucking the poor tractor in with a blanket wrapped around the engine.  It still got colder.  At this point the farm kind of went into hibernation.  The wind started Blowing and no one wanted to leave the comfort of there shelters except me doing my rounds checking on everyone.  The pigs built nests out of the Hay and burrowed down deep.

My big regret for the weekend was that I missed the picture for -12 degrees when I got up.

My big regret for the weekend was that I missed the picture for -12 degrees when I got up.

At this point the snow the week ahead still was not forecast and the temperature was headed back up.  I thought I had a neat little series of picture to show on the blog and I would be done.  Then Monday came with the forecast of something?  Rain, snow, or anything in between.  At this point I made the mistake of thinking like usually we would get more of the rain and miss all the big snow.  I love snow!  but to my surprise, it snowed, and snowed, and snowed.   14 Hours of plowing, of which my little helper Henry worked the first 3 and a half with me (way to go Henry).  The farm turned into a winter wonderland, and Henry and I started to feel the effects of mild exhaustion.  The next pictures are a slideshow so click to see them all.

In the end, I must say Life on this farm tends to be pretty far from dull. So now I will sit back, drink a few cups of coffee and see what comes down the pike.  With only 2 weeks left till the green house gets fired up, three weeks till the first of the chicks arrives and a month or two till the first of the calves arrive, I am sure it is to be interesting.

Posted on February 19, 2016 .

Open House 2016

Join us for annual Open House on Saturday April 16th from 10-1. Come see the animals, learn about our CSA and meat, ask questions, see what a small family farm is like!

Watch this space for more information as the date nears!

Posted on February 6, 2016 .

BIG news for 2016 CSA!

I know it is hard to think of already but CSA shares for 2016 are going on sale today! Buying your share now helps us plan for next year and guarantees you a spot come spring. Part of our 2016 plan includes growing our CSA program and you all play a big part in that! Which brings me to the new big news...

Big News #1: Shares for 2016 can be purchased now and there is an early signing bonus to be had! From today until November 1st both sizes of shares are on sale at a 10% discount. No coupon code needed, just head over to The Farm Shop to take advantage of this offer.

Big News #2: The even bigger news is our new referral program; The Bubbaloo Farm Referral Program. We want to thank you for helping our farm to grow! On our CSA order page customers will now find a spot to include the name of a person who referred them to us. For each half share sold with your name listed you will receive a $25 credit and $50 for every full share!!! Your credit can be used to purchase meat or eggs or, for our vegetarian and vegan members, as a refund on the price of your share. We really appreciate all of you who are spreading the word and helping us grow. Thank you! Spread the word, talk us up and earn yourself some hamburgers! ;)

The referral program is for returning and new members! Share this blog post, links to our shop and website, and our Facebook page and let your friends and family know to list you when they place their order.


Posted on September 17, 2015 .

Meat News

I have the much anticipated price list for our beef and pork! Our beef is grass fed and our pork is pasture raised on organic feed. 

We have some new pork products to announce! We have ham steaks this time instead of only large hams, they are great for a quick weeknight dinner. We also have some new varieties of sausage: maple breakfast sausage (a favorite at this house), chorizo and kielbasa. 

****Beginning on 5/29/15 we will be open to the public to sell meat on Fridays 5-7pm & Saturdays 9-11am******


Beef Price List

Ground beef    $5/lb

Top Choice steaks and roasts (NY Strip, Ribeye, T-bone, Porterhouse, Sirloin Tip Roast)    $14/lb

Steaks and Roasts (Sirloin Steaks, Sirloin Roasts, Pot Roasts (arm roasts), Eye of Round Roasts, Rolled Rump Roasts)           $7/lb

Short Ribs  and Stew Meat    $5/lb

Beef Jerky (gluten free)   $8/ 4 oz package


Pork Pricing

Cured pork   (Hams and Ham Steaks)  $8/lb

Sausages (Italian hot or mild, Maple Breakfast, Chorizo, Kielbasa)   $7/lb

Roasts and Steaks   $5/lb

Chops and Ribs    $5/lb


Chicken will be ready soon and this year we will be selling parts along with whole chickens. Our chickens are free range and fed organic feed to supplement what they forage. The pricing on the chicken will be:

Whole birds $2.50/lb

Breasts $4/lb

Legs and thighs  $3/lb

Chicken will be available in a few more weeks. 

***A big announcement regarding bacon is coming soon...***

Posted on May 28, 2015 .

Officially Spring

It is officially spring, that temperature, however, is not outdoors. It is in our brand new greenhouse though! 

The greenhouse is up and running and the first seeds have been started!  It is a great feeling to start planting in the spring. The greenhouse is so great because it lets us start now, even though spring in Western New York is not exactly what you picture when you think spring. 

A more accurate picture of what spring means to us here at Bubbaloo Farm:

Not very pretty, but a huge relief to know the worst is past for another year.


We will be starting more seeds in the greenhouse over the next few weeks. After that, we will be spreading compost and plowing the gardens! Almost everything depends on the weather at this time of year, there is no working around fields that are too wet to be in, but we have plenty to keep us busy! 

CSA shares for the 2015 season are still available. You can purchase them through our Farm Shop. We also have pork chops, Italian sausage and hams still available in our freezers. Our meat is raised here on the farm, on pasture whenever possible, and never fed hormones or antibiotics. Give us a call or send an email anytime! 

Posted on March 21, 2015 .

Spring Prep

Spring prep has started! Dave is building new crates for hauling vegetables out of the garden and, more exciting, I picked up my bee hives today!!!

A big pile of bee keeping stuff!

A big pile of bee keeping stuff!

Much assembly required on these hives! I just have to put the outer boxes together, the part you see when you look at a hive. They will need to be primed and painted too, to help them stand up to the elements.   The frames are the inner parts of the hives, where the bees build comb and lay eggs, raise larvae, and store honey. I chose plastic frames for their ease of use and durability. The plastic frames are one solid piece so I saved a bunch of assembly work there. 

The plastic frames for inside the hives, primed with a thin layer of wax.  

The plastic frames for inside the hives, primed with a thin layer of wax.  

I got some tools, feeders, smoker, suit, gloves and hat also. Of course I had to try the hat on as soon as I unpacked it! 

Terrible, but amusing, selfie.

Terrible, but amusing, selfie.

Do selfies ever come out looking good? This one, taken in the basement is pretty bad, but I am posting it for your amusement anyway. ;)

The last two days we worked on the greenhouse a bit since the weather was a little more mild. We ended up with temperatures warm enough to bring us a quarter inch of ice instead of just snow. Then last night the temperature dipped again and we got almost two inches of fresh snow. I am beginning to worry that the snow piles will still be here in June at this rate! The weatherman does have two days in the 40s on the calendar for next week, we just have to hold on until we get that taste of spring. Those little tiny warm ups make all the difference in the mental states of the Bubbaloo Farm residents, the human residents at least. ;)

Posted on March 5, 2015 .

Dark Long Nights

You can be beaten by the dark or you can embrace the long cold nights.  I for one have tried to make use of the crazy thoughts that float around when a bit of cabin fever seeps in.  

A few power tools, a page or two of graph paper, a little ingenuity, and a lot of secrecy so no one is the wiser if it all fails, and my shop has given birth to my next bright idea?



Having two main problems,  the transportation of veggies to the barn, and the horses getting lazier and lazier, seemed to give me only one solution.   Our new one horsepower (or ponypowered) wagon.   So far proven to withstand the weight of two dogs, and the pulling power of one Dave going down hill.

All of the wood for this wagon has been harvested In Lima, most from a lightning damaged white pine.  The frame, singletree, and shafts are from Locust trees removed from a house last summer.  Other than holding the axles on, the entire wagon is assembled without any nails or screws.  Everything is pegged with wood and glued.   

The real problem now as with most homemade products is the uncertainty whether it is actually going to work??  That, and the whole learn how to drive a wagon, and train a horse to pull it.  But I don't need to worry about that for another couple weeks so all is good.

Happy winter everyone,  I think I am going to enjoy the -2 degree sunshine and snowshoe outback to check the fences.


Posted on February 20, 2015 .

2015 Seed Order

The seed order was placed this morning! I can feel spring coming...well, as long as I don't actually look or go outside. It is snowing gently today with temps in the teens. We are not expected to get any of the Nor Easter that is headed up the coast though, much to the children's disappointment. They were hoping for snow days and sledding. They may still get the sledding part by next weekend.

What did we order you want to know? 

Everything I think! We spent hours and hours with the catalogs and then Dave and I spent more hours going over it all together and comparing choices. We will have beets, radishes and turnips for spring root vegetables. A few different varieties of lettuce this year, some of which are supposed to be very heat tolerant so that we can lettuce for more of the summer. For spring and fall greens, we will also have spinach, kale and Swiss chard. There will be peas if the weather is less horrible this spring than it was last year. Green, yellow and purple beans are always a favorite so they will be back. Lots of tomatoes, including a couple of new varieties, and both hot and sweet peppers; salsa anyone? We ordered eggplants, cabbages, onions, leeks, scallions, carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, cucumbers, zucchinis, summer squashes, broccoli, potatoes, brussel sprouts, and winter squashes. For pumpkins we picked out a jack-o-lantern type, mini ones, and a mix of gourds. For herbs we ordered oregano, dill, basil, parsley, sage and thyme to go with our perennial mint and chives. I picked out a bunch of flower seeds too! That covers most of it but I am sure I missed something. 

Three things that are brand new to us for this year are napa cabbage (aka Chinese cabbage), bok choi and ground cherries. I am very excited to see how they come out! Especially the ground cherries because I have never had them before, have you? They are related to tomatoes and are very sweet the catalog says. 

This week we will also be ordering our bee keeping supplies. I am really looking forward to having bees! The class I took was excellent! It was from Hungry Bear Farms and I highly recommend it if you are interested in starting a hive. 

We may currently be shivering but we can see spring far in the distance!

Posted on January 26, 2015 .

The Heart of Winter

It is the middle of winter and we have a pile of seed catalogs and sketches of the garden all around the house. The cars are getting tune ups, snow-pants and mittens are hung up to dry, there are sewing projects to get ahead on; in other words, a to-do list as long as the summer list, but very different. 

Winter is never easy, nor is it ever routine here. The ever changing weather makes even the animal feeding chores different everyday. It is amazing how a drift of snow can make you completely forgot where the edge of the drainage ditch is until you fall into for the third time. Every winter. 

We have had some real challenges the last two weeks. Luckily we are just off of a wonderful and relaxing Christmas vacation, so we were rested up when the difficulties hit. We got through- are still working through really, but things are turning a corner I think. Tomorrow I am going to a Bee Keeping 101 class. I think an apiary will be a great addition to our farm. Plus I like to say the word apiary. 

We will be finalizing our planting list for the upcoming season in the next week or so. That is always exciting! We will also be planning out our meat chicken schedule for the next year. We will get our first batch of chicks scheduled to arrive as soon as the weather turns more mild. In December we added a boar, and will hopefully have our first piglets born sometime in April. 

There is lots to look forward to this time of year! 

Posted on January 16, 2015 .

Pork Specials for the Week of 10/20/14

This week’s pork packages(10/20/14)

15% off regular price (member discount does not apply to packages):

No substitutions in packages.

The Farm Market Pack:

1 package of spare ribs

9 packages of pork chops (3 pork steaks, 3 loin chops, 3 sirloin chops)

5 packages of sausage (hot, mild or breakfast)

5 packages of bacon

2 packages of hocks

Approximately 26 pounds of meat. Approximately $136, price dependent on actual weight.


The Small Freezer Pack:

6 packages of chops (2 pork steaks, 2 loin chops, 2 sirloin chops)

2 packages of sausage (hot, mild or breakfast)

2 packages of bacon

1 package of hocks

Approximately 12 pounds of meat. Approximately $70, price dependent on actual weight.


The Soup Pack:

3 packages of hocks

3 packages of neck bones




Posted on October 21, 2014 .

Pork Packages for the Week of 10/14/14

This week’s pork packages(10/14/14)

15% off regular price (member discount does not apply to packages):

No substitutions in packages.


The Farm Market Pack:

1 package of spareribs

9 packages of pork chops (3 pork steaks, 3 loin chops, 3 sirloin chops)

5 packages of sausage (hot, mild or breakfast)

5 packages of bacon

2 packages of hocks

Approximately 26 pounds of meat. Approximately $136, price dependent on actual weight.


The Small Freezer Pack:

6 packages of chops (2 pork steaks, 2 loin chops, 2 sirloin chops)

2 packages of sausage (hot, mild or breakfast)

2 packages of bacon

1 package of hocks

Approximately 10 pounds of meat. Approximately $60, price dependent on actual weight.


The Soup Pack:

3 packages of hocks

3 packages of neck bones

Posted on October 14, 2014 .